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Housatonic Museum of Art

Installation in 2000 of "Remnants: Ancient Forests & City Trees"

New Britain Museum of American Art

Their web post highlighting acquisition of my painting, "Places of the Heart #17.

Historic Northampton

Essay discussing the legacies of paintings by mother and son, Prilla Smith Brackett and Matt Brackett,

with their ancestor, painter Charles C. Burleigh, Jr.

The Art Connection

The Art Connection is a Boston based nonprofit with the mission of placing artwork, donated by local

artists and collectors, onto the walls of Greater Boston community service agencies. Since 1995 The

Art Connection has been helping organizations build their art collections, and create an accessible

“museum without borders” for their clients and staff. The donated art impacts these deserving

agencies by stimulating dialogue, creativity, learning and healing. The Art Connection gives access to

original art to people who otherwise don't have any art in their lives. I was on the board of directors

for eight years, and have donated over 150 older artworks over the years.

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

VCCA, a residency for writers, visual artist, & composers, has six times given me caring, time, & space

at crucial points in my work.

Family Links:

Dave Demerjian

a really fine writer, my son-in-law

43,000 Feet, the company for smart strategy, messaging, branding, and copy started by Dave and

his business partner

Matt Brackett

my son, a talented painter

George C. Brackett

educational designer, designer of this website, wonderful husband


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